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Accounting and Tax

Our client is an accounting firm and provides leading comprehensive financial services in Australia. With a focus on delivering exceptional value to our clients, we offer a wide range of services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and financial advisory. They cater to a range of clients, such as small businesses, startups and individuals. 

Our Work

Problem Statement

Complex tax regulations and time-consuming bookkeeping tasks, lead to inefficiencies and compliance risks.

Solution by 27AI

  • We used OCR to automate the extraction and digitization of financial data from invoices, receipts and other documents.

  • We also used AI algorithms and predictive analysis to analyze financial data and identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in order to identify potential tax deductions, optimize tax strategies, and ensure compliance with tax regulations


  • Our client's time spent in manual data entry reduced by 70% resulting in utilization of time for strategic decision making and also reduced errors by 90%

  • The predictive analysis helped reduce tax liabilities by 20% and resulted in better tax planning and compliances



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