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Data Analytics

27AI expertise in developing data model solutions which allows to enhance performance, more reliable decision making and reduce operational costs.


Our team develops and customizes solutions to your specific business needs and nature of your data and deploy customised AI driven features for your business operations.

27AI’s Vision

Regardless of the solution you seek – Our predictive analytics services enable you to integrate AI-driven features into your business operations. Gain valuable insights from your data, understand it better, improve performance, prevent cost overruns, and implement new, efficient strategies.

We support businesses in multiple industries to uncover untapped potential and attain significant, quantifiable results.


Customer insights

Credit scoring

Fraud detection


Preventing Stockouts

Predicting Workforce Load

Analyzing EHR Data


Forecasting and Planning

Predicting Yield

Optimizing Irrigation


Predictive Maintenance

Tracking Carbon Emissions

Estimating Warranty Reserves


Customer insights

Marketing campaign optimization

Demand forcasting


Customer insights

Attrition prediction

Demand Estimation


Optimizing Routes

Predictive Maintenance

Managing Inventory

Driving transformation across industries

27AI's Data Analytics experts are equipped to tackle any business challenge utilising advanced data science and machine learning techniques and delivers the most optimal business analytics solution specific to your business needs.

Join us for guaranteed actionable insights and outcomes.

How it works with your data

27AI's Data Analytics solution is plug-and-play, seamlessly integrating with your organisation's requirements. We've made AI accessible to all, making the solution affordable for both cloud and on-premise deployments, ensuring you see a return on investment.

Key benefits for your business

Our Data Analytics solution is capable of gathering and analysing data pertaining to your operations. The insights derived enable you to make informed decisions across various functions.

Our platform provides you with a user-friendly consolidated dashboard, presenting all collected insights. Examples of data that can be gathered include:

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Customer Analytics

  • Cost reduction

  • Manual work automation

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Price predictions

Powered by 27AI's Data Analytics Solution

Smooth Integration

Integration using APIs to integrate with your existing systems and applications.

Trained AI Models

A solution that enables quick onboarding of various modules which are pre trained AI Models utilising data analytics solution

Cloud-Based And On-Premise Deployment

Easy to deploy solution with pre trained AI models for customers to experience benefits from inception

Uncover unique opportunities in business processes.

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