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Custom LLM (Large Language model) Solution

27AI expertise in developing large language model solutions which allows to maximise automation and reduce operational costs.

Create a Tailored LLM Model for Your Industry.

27AI's Gen AI team offers bespoke models based on deep AI knowledge and extensive cross-domain experience.

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27AI’s Vision

Regardless of the solution you seek – whether it's a chatbots and virtual assistants’ tools, constructing a content generation system or developing a text analysis app to enhance business insights and elevate decision-making processes – we'll identify the ideal approach to meet your specific requirements.

27AI's team develop custom LLM models embedding them natively within your tech ecosystem. Our specialists in NLP, machine learning, and data science customise these models to meet your specific business needs. We also refine off-the-shelf LLM models with your data to optimise their value, enhancing accuracy and efficiency to align with your unique requirements.

Join us for guaranteed actionable insights and outcomes.


Global companies have selected us to provide large-scale AI solutions, and the outcomes speak for themselves.


No matter the challenge, our team of AI Experts finds an optimal solution that propels your business to new heights.

How it works

27AI's Generative AI experts assist you in refining your business vision and devising a step-by-step strategy for adopting language models. Our experts identify use cases, evaluate your proprietary data, and offer actionable recommendations for your tech infrastructure.

We tailor off-the-shelf LLM models using your data to maximize their value for your business. Our machine learning engineers fine-tune these models to meet your specific business needs, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Leverage the power of Large Language models to elevate customer experience and drive sales

Our custom AI solutions enhance customer support, create personalised recommendations, and analyse customer behavior, allowing you to concentrate on business growth. 

Some of the key benefits involve: 

Lower Operational Costs


Automate labor-intensive tasks to save costs. Our tailored LLM solutions manage customer service, administrative tasks, and more, optimising your operations in sales, marketing, and support services.

Discover Growth Opportunities


Identify new growth avenues with real-time data analysis. Custom LLMs perform sentiment analysis, upselling, and more, utilising customer data, market trends, and social media insights to guide your decisions.

Strengthen Your Technology Framework


Integrate Large Language Models into your systems to boost performance and enable conversational search. With LLMs, you can generate specific outputs, maximize data usage, and efficiently handle growing workloads.

Powered by 27AI's LLM Solution

Smooth Integration

Integration With Any Chat interface or APIs

Trained AI Models

A solution that enables quick onboarding of customised LLM Models and fine tune them to your unique business needs.

Cloud-Based And On-Premise Deployment

Easy to deploy solution with customised LLM models for customers to experience benefits from inception

Uncover unique opportunities in business processes.

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