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Our Story

27AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science arm of SAI Advance Networks.

SAI Advance Networks was founded in 2016 by a Network and Cyber Security industry expert Rajul Parikh, who brought 15 years of experience in Network infrastructure, Cyber security, and Data analytics to a business to make it a success. SAI Advance Networks has successfully delivered projects in Network infrastructure, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Data modelling, Data Analysis for Australia's biggest Telco, Banks, University, Mining company and various other enterprises.

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About 27AI :  " Intelligence beyond human limits"

At 27AI we are a dedicated team of experts passionate about assisting businesses and enterprises in embracing cutting-edge technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence. With our extensive experience, we specialize in developing and implementing tailored Data Engineering Solutions to address a diverse range of business challenges. Partner with us to unlock the true potential of advanced technologies and drive meaningful transformation for your organization.

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