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Video & Image Analytics

27AI's video analytics solution and video management technology platform have redefined the role of security cameras, transforming extensive CCTV video footage into valuable insights. Through this innovative solution, 27AI provides users with concise, real-time alerts and information that can be acted upon efficiently.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, patented technologies, and distinctive capabilities, 27AI brings forth innovation to drive growth and enhance business intelligence.

27AI’s Vision

Regardless of the solution you seek – whether it's a surveillance video system, constructing a visual inspection system or developing an invoice processing app to enhance customer experience and streamline business processes – we'll identify the ideal approach to meet your specific requirements.

Driving transformation across industries

We support businesses in multiple industries to uncover untapped potential and attain significant, quantifiable results.


Explore Retail Analytics Software to enable seamless integration of video analytics for retail stores into your existing infrastructure. Know about your retail store’s unique visitor count, demography analytics, and more and elevate your brick-and-mortar with video analytics software.  


Unify your operational processes by integrating Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing, resulting in smart, cost-effective functioning of your manufacturing plants. Get easier centralized access to your manufacturing plants and decrease the risks of theft and pilferage. Automate operational processes by leveraging ANPR route history, get real-time alerts on the detection of fire, and several other insights.


Enhance infrastructure goals by analyzing perimeter security with more than 99.9% accuracy while also reducing CAPEX with our video analytics solution. Use infrastructure intelligence to quantify unique visitors and enhance your business goals. Analyze and automate operational efficiency with the various features of Compute vision solution.


Our state-of-the-art video analytics technology provides real-time insights and actionable data to help you optimize your business’s performance. Use video analytics in hospitality industry on your existing infrastructure and develop better business goals with minimal CAPEX.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, patented technologies, and distinctive capabilities, 27AI's computer vision solution provides ground-breaking innovation for security and the optimal business solution.

Join us for guaranteed actionable insights and outcomes.


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How it works with your cameras

27AI's Video Analytics solution is plug-and-play, seamlessly integrating with your organization's requirements. We've made AI accessible to all, making the solution affordable for both cloud and on-premise deployments, ensuring you see a return on investment.

Key benefits for your business

Our Video Analytics solution is capable of gathering and analysing data pertaining to your operations. The insights derived enable you to make informed decisions across various functions.

Our platform provides you with a user-friendly consolidated dashboard, presenting all collected insights. Examples of data that can be gathered include:

  • Demographics and behaviors of visitors to your store over time, including heatmaps.

  • Efficiency metrics of your staff and machines

  • Compliance levels of your teams with processes and policies

  • Tracking the frequency of actions/tasks performed.

Bringing innovation to drive growth and enhance business intelligence

Discover the adaptability of Compute Vision and enable your cameras to perceive the world like humans do. Transform your CCTV network into an active data collection tool that provides alerts and insights when significant "events" occur, crucial for both operations and enhancing the consumer experience. Your cameras become intelligent observers, resembling an AI-powered human, monitoring every visual feed around the clock, every day of the year.

Powered by 27AI's Compute Vision Solution

Smooth Integration

Integration With Any Video Streaming Device

Trained AI Models

A solution that enables quick onboarding of 100+ modules which are pre trained AI Models utilising compute vision solution

Cloud-Based And On-Premise Supported VMS Deployment

Easy to deploy solution with pre trained AI models for customers to experience benefits from inception

Uncover unique opportunities in business processes.

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