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Video Analytics solution with customised Vehicle analytics dashboard


Building A Personalized Dashboard For An Industry-leading Building Glass manufacturing Company To Enhance Security Automation


Automated security process with a fast and swift operating process


Video Analytics solution with customised Vehicle analytics dashboard

Technologies and tools 

Deep learning, Compute vision, OpenAI (embedding, GPT-4), AWS (Lambda, S3, RDS+pgvector), SAM, CI/CD, CRM Pipedrive-API


Our client is a top producer of glass bottles in India. Based on its superior products, focused on customers, and technological leadership, the Company has worked with India's multi-sectoral demands for more than 15 years.

What did we solve

With multiple manufacturing sites across the country, our client wanted to automate its security processes to decrease theft and pilferage. As a result, 27AI, with its team of AI experts and developers, customized a dashboard to verify the data the hardware sensor-based systems were previously recording. This included package counting and analyzing ANPR routes. The system was used to learn about the TAT (turnaround time) of the vehicles used in the business process.



  • ANPR Route Monitoring

  • Smart Conveying

  • Safety Gear Detection

  • Access Based Attendance

  • Smart Parking Management


The customer had a unique idea to automate the security process while visualising a fast and swift operating process.

The client had a lot on its plate, with several locations functioning at the same time. The counting of products loaded on a vehicle was previously done by sensors, which did not provide the level of accuracy that the client wanted. The production costs were not equalizing with the revenue generated. Hence, the security of the manufacturing plants was in question.

Additionally, the parking management system for the vehicles that came in for loading products and materials was poorly managed. This increased the downtime for the loading process, ultimately resulting in less revenue generation.

What did we achieve
75% Automated security, 66% decrease in theft & pilferage, 43% increase in operational efficiency & 100% traceable insights

The scope of the implementation process was not limited to only automating the security process, although initially, that was the goal. 27AI platform identified all loopholes and decreased theft and pilferage by 66% by running accurate bag counting analytics due to its 3D tracking technology. With the introduction of traceable trends, generating insights from data became easier and helped recognize operational efficiency by 43%. The client utilized the various features that our video analytics solution had to offer to maximize the revenue invested in these manufacturing plants.

Glass Factory (Vision)

Food Park (Vision)

Health and Wellness Company

AI based Marketing Campaign

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Our video analytics solution enabled the proper automation of the security and operations of the manufacturing plants. Before building the personalised “Vehicle Analytics” dashboard, the 27AI team initiated a walkthrough of the client’s requirements to provide better and more accurate results. Through this, we defined the best solution architecture, product design, and technology stacks.

The end solution enables:

  • Creation of secure premises  

  • Tracking & managing vehicles      

  •  Accurate counting process


Security Automation:

To collectively resolve the issue of theft and pilferage, our team worked towards providing accurate package counting results while also specifying if a vehicle has left empty, half empty, or full while leaving the premises. The client also received historical data on each vehicle that has entered a certain manufacturing premise to understand the route and efficiency of the said vehicle.

Track Operational Efficiency:


Implementing ANPR routes and tracking the vehicle route on the premise was made easier. Through this, effective parking management systems were implemented, thus automating operational processes. Signifying the in-time, dwell-time, loading and unloading time, and the out-time, the management could focus on any operational loopholes that needed to be mended.

Traceable Insights:

With systematic graphical insights, the “Vehicle Analytics” dashboard also specified the most efficient shift timings of the manufacturing plants. It classified the shifts according to the vehicles that took the least amount of time in the entire loading process. This not only made the entire operational process swift and efficient but also was a step towards generating ROI.

Safety Regulation:

The manufacturing plant's primary objective was the safety of its workers to enhance productivity as well as confirm a safe working place. With safety gear detection feature, we ensured that the client had a safe and efficient environment. Proper utilization of the feature enabled the creation of a secure premise.

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